Alternative Transportation Program

The University of Georgia Transporation and Parking Services Department encourages and supports the use of alternative forms of transportation such as walking, bicycling, carpooling and using public transit. As an incentive to promote the ATP program, Transportation and Parking Services provides free parking for those who primarily use alternate transportation to access campus.

Those biking, walking & riding an Athens Transit Bus as their primary means of getting to campus will receive 22 days of free parking per year in designated locations. (distributed 2 uses per month September - July)

Carpool participants and those choosing to only use a motorcycle, moped or scooter will receive 11 days of free parking per year in designated locations. (distributed 1 use per month September - July)

Bicycle Racks on UGA Buses

UGA Transportation and Parking Services is working to provide bicycle riders with an additional resource to access campus by equipping their bus fleet with new bicycle racks.

In an effort to expand and promote alternative transportation, UGA Transportation and Parking Services partnered with the Office of Sustainability and identified transit bike racks as a way to make accessing campus easier for the individuals choosing to use alternative transportation such as walking, bicycling, carpooling and public transit.

The bicycle racks hold two bicycles at a time and take 15-30 seconds for riders to load and unload their bicycles. These bicycle racks are the same model that the Athens Transit Bus system currently uses which will allow for a seamless transition for riders utilizing both transit systems to access campus.  


The UGA reCYCLE Redistribution Project refurbishes abandoned bikes and donates them free of charge. Join the revolution and apply today for your own bike.

To apply, visit

Bulldog Bikes - Sustainable UGA

Bulldog Bikes, UGA’s campus bike share program, is a collaboration between UGA Libraries and the Office of Sustainability. Designed to encourage alternative transportation and promote health and wellness at UGA, Bulldog Bikes allows UGA students and employees to check out and return bikes at no cost to the individual. 

To learn more, visit Bulldog Bikes