Disability Van Information

Transportation Services for the Mobility Impaired

Priority seating on buses and curb-to-curb van service are available as a courtesy to those members of the University community who are eligible. Van service is available from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on class days. Van service is also available on Sunday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. All services are available upon request for on-campus facilities. For further service and eligibility information call Campus Transit at (706) 369-6220.

Eligibility for Disability Van Services

Accessible van service is provided by the Campus Transit System and is available to eligible persons with mobility, visual and other health-related impairments. Eligibility for use of the van service on a regular basis must be established through the Disability Resource Center in Clark-Howell Hall (706-542-8719). Students, staff and faculty with temporary disabilities who require service on a short-term basis should contact Campus Transit directly to enroll for service. Service will be provided as space is available. Passengers with disabilities and their personal care attendants (if required) are authorized to use the van.

Scheduling Van Service

We offer two types of service. Regularly scheduled service allows you to schedule trips that occur on a repeating basis over an extended period of time. On-call service allows you to schedule trips that occur on an irregular basis or that will occur on a regular basis over a short period of time.

Service Delays and Problems

It is our objective to provide service at the time scheduled, however the vans are very busy at peak times of the day and may run into delays due to traffic, weather or customers of the service who are not ready at their designated time. To avoid delaying other patrons, be ready to board the van when it arrives. Call Campus Transit (706-369-6220 or 706-369-5838) if your van does not arrive within five minutes of the scheduled time, or after hours at the cell phone number provided at registration.

Off-Campus Service

Through a contractual agreement with the Athens-Clarke County Government, students, staff and faculty with disabilities who are registered to use their service may use Athens Transit “The Lift” at no charge. Athens Transit requires prior certification for users and 24-hour notice on most trips.